Our Presentations 

​It’sTime2! has presented to over 25,000 students in the 2019-2020 school year with even more on the schedule for the 2020-2021 school year.

These impactful presentations use real stories to inspire young people to accept one another, treat each other with respect regardless of their perceived differences, empowers students to make the right choices and to speak openly about the reality of bullying, mental health issues and teen suicide.

The presentation also touches on racism, sexism, prejudice, intolerance and divisiveness which are common problems affecting society as a whole. 

A combination of interactive activities, real-world storytelling and engaging media allows Dr. Ceccarelli and the It'sTime2! team to capture the assembly's attention and encourages students to look introspectively into their relationships with others.

The students are left with the challenge of becoming a part of the solution and are given an opportunity to  ask questions and engage with the presenter for additional perspective.

The  presentation is typically 60 minutes in length but can be modified to fit the needs relevant to your student body.

Contact us to inquire further about bringing the It'sTime2! presentation to your school or district. 


  • Alter High School - Kettering, OH

  • Bellbrook Middle School Eighth Grade Ambassador Group - Bellbrook, OH

  • Carlisle High School - Carlisle, OH

  • Carlisle Middle School - Carlisle, OH

  • Centerville High School - Centerville, OH

  • Eaton High School - Eaton, OH

  • Fairborn High School - Fairborn, OH

  • Fairmont High School - Kettering, OH

  • Fulton Elementary - Springfield, OH

  • Hayward Middle School- Springfield, OH

  • Horace Mann Elementary - Springfield, OH

  • Lagonda Elementary - Springfield, OH

  • Lincoln Elementary - Springfield, OH

  • Kenwood Elementary - Springfield, OH

  • Kettering Middle School, Kettering, OH

  • Morton Middle School - Vandalia, OH

  • Perrin Woods Elementary - Springfield, OH

  • Simon Kenton Elementary - Springfield, OH

  • St. Albert the Great - Kettering, OH

  • St. Brigid Catholic School - Xenia, OH

  • Schaefer Middle School -  Springfield, OH

  • Snowhill Elementary - Springfield, OH

  • Snyder Park Elementary - Springfield, OH

  • Springboro Junior High - Springboro, OH

  • Springfield High School - Springfield, OH

  • Roosevelt Middle School - Springfield, OH

  • Miami Trace High School - Washington Court House, OH

  • Miami Trace Middle School - Washington Court House, OH

  • Mother Brunner Catholic School - Trotwood, OH

  • Warder Park Elementary - Springfield, OH

  • Tecumseh High School - Tecumseh, OH

  • Tower Heights Middle School - Centerville, OH

  • Jane Chance Elementary  - Miamisburg, OH

  • Watts middle school - Centerville, OH

  • St. Charles Middle School - Kettering, OH

  • Covington Middle and High Schools - Covington, OH

  • Columbus OH Metro Middle School - Columbus, OH

  • Chaminade- Julienne - Dayton, OH

  • Spencerville High School - Spencerville, OH

  • Dayton Stem school - Dayton, OH

  • Tecumseh Middle School - Tecumseh, OH

  • Fairfield City Schools - Fairfield, OH

  • Oakwood High School - Oakwood, OH

  • Beavercreek High School - Beavercreek, OH

  • Magsig Middle School - Centerville, OH

  • Miami Valley School, Centerville, OH

  • Bellbrook High School, Bellbrook, OH​

  • Dayton Christian - Dayton, OH

  • More To Be Announced Soon!

Check back soon for the 2020 - 2021 Schedule