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  • 160,000 students skip school each day because of bullying.

  • Over 27% of students are harming themselves or having suicidal thoughts regularly? 

  • Over the past decade the number of youth with mental health disorders has more than doubled.

  • The rate of suicide among children 8-12 has tripled.

  • The number of suicides among young adults 14-24 has risen every year since 2007 and is now the 2nd leading cause of death in that age group. 

A Note from Dr. C

These are indeed alarming and sobering numbers. Given all of the negative effects that the pandemic has had and continues to have on our youth and their families, some of these numbers could be increasing, causing even greater concern. 

I am writing to introduce you to the ItsTime2! organization.  Founded less than two years ago, we have presented our program to approximately 25,000 students, teachers, counselors, principals, and school staff. We have received numerous letters, emails, and phone calls from schools all over the Miami Valley, applauding our presentation and the impact that it has had on their student bodies. “Life-changing”, “impactful”, “empowering” are some of the words used to describe our program. 


Our presentation utilizes powerful videos, real life stories, and personal testimonials to raise awareness among youth of the perils of bullying and the realities of mental health issues and the stigma associated with them.  It also highlights the reality of teen suicide.  We demonstrate to the students the impact their choices have on others and the sometimes serious consequences associated with these choices.  Our goals, once students have heard our presentation, are to have them treat each other with respect and dignity, to make good choices, to help each other out, and to speak to an adult who can help  them in times of need.  In schools that have Hope Squads, the school based peer to peer suicide prevention program,  we are encouraging students to reach out to those trained individuals and the faculty advisors of the program, to discuss their issues.

Currently we are scheduling presentations for the fall.  Our presentations are offered at no cost to the school.  The program typically lasts about 60-75 minutes.  This leaves ample time for questions and discussion afterwards. We also work closely with school mental health staff so that they can follow up with students who have been personally affected by our program and who need support.  I would ask you to please consider utilizing the ItsTime2!’s presentation as a means of providing your students with impactful and empowering information that could make a positive difference in their lives.  For more details please reach out to me personally at , check out our website at, and look at the schools we have presented to.  


Brian Ceccarelli

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