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Enough for Me

"Be willing to co-exist with one another and realize that not everyone is like you... and that's okay." Thank you Owen for speaking out and sharing your story with us - and for your heart to spread more love and acceptance in this world.

Owen's Story

A Mother's Story: Amanda and Becky

Hear a mother's story of losing her daughters life to suicide and how it's become her mission to help others in her daughter's name.

Meet Ashley, a brave girl who experienced depression, anxiety, and suicide attempts, yet overcame so much and turned her life around!

Ashley's Story

 "Make A Difference Day" Rally (2018)

It's Time 2! attends and fundraises for the Annual "Make A Difference Day" Rally (2018) in Dayton, Ohio.


Letters from the Heart

See and hear about real stories from real students overcoming trouble and diversity in their own lives.


Letters from a Parent

 Hear the impact that a struggling teen has on the family unit and advice for others that maybe having problems with their child. 


Dear_____My name is.png

Letter from a Student

Students are hearing our message as we continue to expand mental health awareness, break the stigma, and create respectful communities. 

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