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Asked Questions


Q:  How long has the ItsTime2! organization been around?

A :  Since 2016


Q: How many students have heard your presentation?

A: Over 25,000


Q How many schools have you presented to?

A: Over 50+ Schools across the region


Q: How much does the program cost?

A: Because the generous donations of our supporters, currently we offer our presentations at no cost to the school or districts.


Q: How long is the presentation?

A:  The actual presentation is approximately sixty minutes.  Ideally, we like to reserve an additional 15-30 minutes for questions and discussion but can accommodate the school's schedule as needed with advanced notice.


Q: What age group is the presentation geared towards?

A:  We believe the presentation is most appropriate for students in 6th – 12th grades.


Q: What topics do you discuss?

A: Bullying, Racism, Teen mental health issues, and teen suicide among others relative to the school or district.


Q:  How does the school prepare students for the presentation?

A:  We ask that the school send out a letter to the parents before the presentation date and that the teachers and counselors are made aware of the topics to be discussed internally in advance.

Q:  Our school has booked a presentation, what equipment is required?

A: Please contact to review event logistics regarding audio and visual requirements at least 1 week prior to your presentation.


Q:  Is there any follow up?

A:  We have heard from countless schools that students are inclined to discuss the presentation for the next several days.  We therefore recommend that schools allow time in certain classes to carry on the conversation.  We also check back with the school counselor specifically for feedback.


Q:  Do you work with any other organizations or groups?

A: We currently work with Grant Us Hope (Hope Squad) and are frequently in discussion with other groups whose interests are aligned with ItsTime2!


Q: What statistics concern the ItsTime2! organization the most?

A: The increasing rate of teen suicide each year since 2007,  the rate of suicide among 10-14 yr olds has tripled in the last decade, 30% of students are harming themselves or have suicidal thoughts on a daily basis.


Q: What is the primary goal of It'sTime2!?

A: Our mission is to raise awareness of mental health issues using real stories to inspire young people to accept one another, treat each other with respect, make the right choices and speak openly about the reality of bullying, mental health issues and teen suicide.  


Q: How can I support It'sTime2!?

A:  You can help support us financially by donating any amount which allows us to continue to offer our presentations at no cost to the school or district. You can also share lists of schools or districts you'd like us to present to.


Q: Any other ways to support It'sTime2!?

A: We offer It'sTime2! apparel and other limited items that helps to spread our message and supports our mission.


Q:  How can we book a presentation?

A: Please complete our form with your name, school information as well as any other details you can offer to get It'sTime2! at your school!





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